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MJC - Zlín spol.s r.o. Prostějov

hair care products, hairdressing equipment, a wide selection of professional hair care products at great prices. We offer a wide choice: hair PAINTS, sauce, shampoo and tonic ampoules Anti Hair loss, dandruff conditioners, MASK, Foam setting lotions, lacquers, gels, waxes, and everything belongs to hair care products. In our assortment you can also find a nice variety: combs, brushes, hair dryers, iron, curling irons, etc. The sale marks: Young TREND - UP, XFLEX, EVOLUTION, Parisienne, XTRO, Ceriotti, KEDO, etc. ..


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Nám. E. Husserla 18
796 01  Prostějov

Phone number: +420 582 332 740

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Monday 08:00 - 18:00  

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training, MJC, Hairdressing Supplies, Furniture, Zoom, crashes, bulk, Shampoo, iron, hair, Hair Care, Cosmetics, the need for hairdressers, hairdressing needs

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